Garage Doors

The Elegant EL100 is a stylish modern door that is perfect for anyone. These doors have clean square edges, flawless finishes, and a large visible glass area customizable to each home. Whether you are looking to increase the curb appeal of your home or

The EL125 is a sleek and fashionable door that suits any taste. These doors have smooth and neat edges, impeccable finishes, and a generous glass section that can be adapted to each house. If you want to enhance the attractiveness of your home or match

Designer style and enviable thermal efficiency go hand in hand with Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel garage doors. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in, whether you experience extreme cold or extreme heat in your region, better thermal

What’s the Big Deal About Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane Insulation? Sure, you may choose a classic steel garage door because it’s good-looking and won’t warp, crack or rot the way wood garage doors do. But there’s another good reason to choose Wayne

Sure, you may choose a classic steel garage door because it’s good looking and won’t warp, crack or rot the way wood garage doors do. But there’s another good reason to choose Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel Models 9100 and 9605: foamed-in-place

Who says you can’t have gorgeous style, great thermal efficiency and reliable, low-maintenance performance at an excellent value? At Wayne Dalton, we don’t think price and quality are mutually exclusive. In fact, we are proud to offer a line of entry

These modern doors follow current trends towards stripped down, sleek, and elegant contemporary-modern architecture. They are often found in manicured suburban neighborhoods and defined by clean simple lines, minimal decorative elements and use of modern

Our full-custom wood doors are specifically designed and handcrafted to create an authentic feel that will complement all styles of architecture. Built with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, every door is made to your specifications and

The EL 150 Aluminum garage door is a frameless looking glass and aluminum door that is revolutionizing the Los Angeles custom garage door industry. Elegant Custom Garage Door & Gate were one of the first companies to design, and install these high end

Our rail & stile wood doors are built for the traditionalist. Constructed using the mortise and tenon style system, the rail & stile door comes in a select few standard options like long or short panel, raised or recessed panel, and each option is

Our semi-custom wood doors are built with quality in mind and are a beautiful cost-conservative option. They are constructed like a traditional rail & stile door with 10 standard designs available in paint grade or stain grade. Each design can be

Add the Beauty of Classic Carriage House Garage Doors to Your Home Imagination is a beautiful thing—and we love seeing all the unique ways our customers infuse their home with personal flair using our Carriage House Steel garage doors. They’re in good

Model 8310 Designer Steel garage doors allow you to indulge your practical side without sacrificing your love for innovative good looks. Maintenance-free, durable, thermally efficient and perfect to boot, Wayne Dalton’s designer steel garage doors offer

So much has changed since carriage houses kept horses safely stabled behind wide, wood and iron swing doors. Still, their enduring appeal has never been more popular. Their history and romance are the inspiration behind Wayne Dalton’s carriage house